Applicant Tracking

With our state of the art Job & Applicant tracking system, You can post jobs on your company domain, And share them on social media. Get access to 100,000s of applicants on our ActiveApplicant module. Once the applicant applies, Shortlist them, Schedule & Conduct interviews. Start a chat with them or share a document. Once finalized, Send them a custom offer right from your dashboard.

Start Tracking Now


Create jobs and customize them according to your requirements. From writing great job descriptions and building a branded careers page to controlling who should apply for this job with just a toggle. Let our recommendation engine do the rest, With this; your job is posted on your company domain and is sent to 10,000s of applicants that match the desired skill set automatically. You can even search for relevant applicants and ping them to apply for your job post. No more sourcing applicants from 10 different places, Just 1 ActiveApplicant/ActiveHR will do everything for you.


From sourcing candidates to custom interview kits. Now you can track profiles of candidates and work effectively with your hiring team on a platform that keeps your notes, communication, interview schedules, grading, offers and analytics in one place. Use our state of the art recommendation engine, which tells you how much relevant this applicant is with your job, With advance state of the art machine learning algorithms. Get the right candidate pulled from the pile right in front of you. Schedule an interview with him, send him a message and once done, Send him an offer. All from your Active Dashboard. Once he accepts the offer, enroll him as an employee and let ActiveHR kick in and do the rest.


With OSRS, Now grade the applicant on th spot. Easily start the process of interviews and grading the applicants according to your set criteria. Grade applicants accordingly and let ACTIVEHR sort the top most talent. You just select and send him the offer via your Dashboard! Have something to ask him, Send me a personal message.


With ARR activated, you do not need to review and open each resume. As soon as an applicant applies his resume is parsed and important key points and hash tags taken out for you to review. Our relevancy engine tells you the exact score of how relevant this applicant is for the job post. Now only process applicants which are relevant to the job.