Employee Tracking

Regardless of the industry you operate in, ActiveHR is for small and medium-sized businesses that are fed up with the time-consuming, labor-intensive and inefficient manual tracking of employee information scattered across various files and mediums. Manage everything from onboarding an employee, collecting taxes, payroll and any other information you require. Set a training agenda for them. Collect verification documents or get documents signed all within your dashboard. Manage Salaries, PTO/Leaves, Goals, Performance Reviews, Tasks and Track Time for hourly employee as required.

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With Attendance systen, you can now easily manage working hours of an employee. No need for expensive check-in machines. Simply add the employee and instantly they will get acces to their own dashboard with permissions you assigned. They can then start to check-in and out. Always stay on top of everything, Know exactly when they come in, how much hours they worked and when they get out.


Getting hard to manage leaves for employees? Everyone now and then someone coming to review their leave status ? No worries, With Leave Tracking System, employees can apply for leaves to their supervisors. Supervisor can then Approve or Reject, And employee is notified instantly. Also get detailed reports about leaves at any point in time.


Get nofitfied about special alerts, employee reaching threasholds with their leaves, or not giving enough hours in office. Set up your custom requirements only once and your good to go. Now just relax, we will notifiy you when anything goes up or down. Also broadcast special notifications to employees so that you don't have to get off your desk.


Tired of those stickes all around the office tables? Loosing some important notes everyday, Did the cleaning person clean your desk and trashed your sticky? Now never miss an important sticky note. Just write the note and attach to your ActiveDashboard. Mark them with done or to be done accordingly.