Everything you need is right here

Employee Onboarding

Hire an employee using our completely customizable system. You can take everything from personal info, family info to getting documents signed and much more. Just configure our your hiring once and start on-boarding employees instantly.

Interview Scheduling

Use our state of the art interview scheduling system. Customize the interview process once. Set date, time and who's going to conduct the interview. All your team is on one page, with complete applicant information. Multiple employees posting notes and comments about the interview and you can review them easily at one place.

Leave/PTO Policies

Create multiple custom leave policies. Select working hours, working days, holidays and type of leaves your company offers. Once set the system will keep track your employees leave and their quota. With leave tracking, easily apply for leaves and get them approved by your manager.

Document Verification

Need to get some verified documents from employee? Like getting a copy of passport or driving license. Just ask our system and the system will make sure the employee uploads a copy.


Send offers to applicants and get them electronically signed. Once they accept and sign the offer letter, on-board them automatically as an employee into your HR system.


Create and send surveys to selected or all your employees. Gather result and get insight and analytic about the responses instantly.

Training Agenda

Set your training agenda for new employees, set multiple tasks and set due dates when hiring the employee and the system will keep you updated about the employee's progress.

Company Documents

ActiveHR provides you a complete online encrypted and secure cloud storage for keeping all your company documents in one place, From uploading documents to getting them signed by employees all can be done within your dashboard.

Live Chat

Chat directly with the applicants before scheduling an interview or sending them an offer. Share files and do much more with our live chatting module.

Auto Pilot™

Never worry about sending Payroll info to your employees. With Payroll on AutoPilot™ activated, our system will automatically process your company's payroll. Onspot add Benefits or Deductions to Payroll as required.

Auto Resume Review™

No need to manually go through all resumes. Let our intelligent, state of the art ARR System™ help you in reviewing the resume and take out key points and hashtags for you to review with one glance.

On Spot Review™

With OSR™ you can not just grade an applicant, but manage a history for all applicants for later review. At the end with just one click, Let ActiveHR show you the top most talent.

Broadcast Notifications

Broadcast important events and messages via Notifications. All those important announcements are shared with everyone instantly !

Attendance Tracking

With one click checkin and checkout. You can ensure all your employees are on time and track their working hours via Attendance Tracking Module

Time Tracking

Having trouble managing everyones time on paper ? Want to know who spent how much time on what ? Use our next gen time tracking solution. Know exactly what tasks the employee is working on and how much time it took. Get detailed reports of employees time logging through reports and graphs at any point in time. Take the load of your shoulders and let us track the time for you.

Task Tracking

Don't you often forget the tasks that are important. No need to waste time and money in learning those complicated project/task management tools. Use our simple Task Tracking System. Simply create tasks,set details, priority and due date, and assign to the person involved and your done. Know instantly which tasks are pending, completed or finished. Know time spent for each time with Task Time Tracking. With our state of the art UI and alert system you will never miss those important tasks again.

Applicant Tracking

Its hard to keep track of all those applicants, often you are thinking if we already called him or not? Hiring doesn't have to be that complicated. Simple create a job posting and its automatically visible on your custom HRM domain, you can also share your job on all famous Social Networks, Let us keep track of all the applicants. Manage, shortlist, reject candidates on the go. Further more you can schedule interviews and grade applicants during an interview right from your Active Dashboard.


Get customized reports of all employees and applicant and review all in one glance. See Calendars, Graphs and Logs of each with just one tap.


Pin important events, todos and tasks on your Active Dashboard. Set reminders for todos and never miss another todo. We will remind you each time on time. No more stickies throughtout your office desks.

Auto Alerts

Want to be notified when an employee exceeds his allotted leaves ? Want to know if someone is late ? Want to know when an applicant applies at your job or when an employee applies for leaves. With Auto Alerts we will email you in any such event.