Advantage of having a proper Employee Time Management in your organization!

There are major benefits for implementing time management software within an organization. Obviously, the most important and the most immediate advantage is that it keeps the employees accountable for how they spend their time at work. After all, at the end of the month I'm sure that just like everyone you put in way more hours then what you get paid for! Another benefit is when several projects are undertaken at one time, time tracking renders transparency of the actual labor involved in completion of projects. Organizations could use a manual system to track time expanded on work packages, projects and ultimately programs, but that in itself would be extremely time consuming and prone to errors. With less time spent on time-keeping, you will be able to spend more time on catering to your customer requirements. Analyzing the actual time required for completion of tasks is of tremendous use in enhancing future estimations. It also provides a baseline for comparison when implementing process changes within your department.


Really, the advantages of having a proper employee time management software within your organization, big or small, are invaluable and provide you, as the leader, with confidence in your decisions.


Other Advantages:


  • More accurate project scheduling.
  • On time delivery.
  • Provides you with the ability to focus your process improvement efforts on the more time-consuming tasks.
  • Better work flow.
  • Reduces payroll errors.
  • Considerably contributes to your success.


Time management in the workplace.There is so much to do, yet so little time, leaving us in a constant state of rush and overwhelming exhaustion. For some they don't even have the time to apply Time Management in the workplace! They think it's wasting their time. Yet, there are some quick and simple tips that will make you efficient in the workplace and will ensure that you keep a balanced work life.

Many people spend more time looking for the best time management planner then they do actually using it! The reality is that it doesn't matter which time management tools you use, you just need to consistently use them! Why them and not it? Simply because you need to realize that there are various sources as well as locations by which you are assigned a task:

  • ·        Phone
  • ·        Email
  • ·        In person
  • ·        In a meeting

To have effective time management skills, you need to see it as a process that uses time management tools as well as time management techniques.

Time management is important because it is an irreplaceable resource. Each second that becomes part of your past will never be part of your present or future ever again. Using each second, minute and hour of the day wisely is important.

The equation is pretty simple (X - time used = time remaining), When we look at the equation from a project perspective, the value of X is known and for the most part that value is flexible. Consequently, we have a tendency to subconsciously think that time is an effortless renewable resource! All we do is simply extend a deadline or tell our superior / client that the project will be delayed.

But in our life, X isn't effortless to renew and certainly doesn't meet the criteria of being endless. We know that having a stress free life or at least one with minimal stress will result in an extension on the value of X. Consequently we also know that not having good time management skills will bring your stress levels to an elevated state. Thus, it is logical to believe that proper time management will help reduces your overall stress levels, which will increase your X value and if not it will at least not be reduced.

For whatever reason, time tracking seems to make people more efficient which is why it’s a great exercise even for professionals that don’t have to report to anyone. There’s just something about knowing that a stopwatch is running in the background that helps to light a fire under everything that you’re working on. It’s sort of like the difference between running for leisure and running for time trials. Regardless of why you’re running, you’re likely going to give it your all (or what you think is your all), but when you’re being timed, you’re more likely to pull out what you need to give that extra little push at the end. From my experience, I’ve found that time tracking can save as much as much as 55% efficiency on certain tasks.


“In reality, everybody today qualifies as a knowledge worker. Every worker has knowledge and information that the organization can tap to find out: Why is a particular product underperforming in one market? What action can we take to fix the problem quickly? If we take these actions, can we handle an increased production schedule? What’s the impact on cash flow if we make these changes?

Another significant benefit of automated time tracking is the time and effort it can save a company’s payroll and billing operations. Rather than manually processing timesheets, the right software can automate the process. This can be a significant savings as the payroll personnel don’t have to waste valuable time running down mistakes or reminding employees to submit their timesheets. As the above shows, time tracking can be a valuable tool a company can use to streamline operations, improve estimates and properly allocate resources. When that happens, a company can generate more profit, enjoy increased stability, offer better pay and benefits; all without doing so at the expense of the employees.

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